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Polyvagal Perspectives

Polyvagal Theory is a relatively new and pioneering way of working within the world of therapy. It has been proven to be particularly useful for working with trauma and has been described as ‘the art and science of safety and connection’. It uses the information from our autonomic nervous system to regulate emotions and help us to move through life with more flexibility and resilience.

Using exercises that have been designed to map autonomic response patterns, I can help you to engage with the regulating capacity of the ventral vagal system. It can be a profound realisation that we all have the possibility to repattern our nervous systems and create pathways for deep healing.

I am currently training with Deb Dana who is at the forefront of research and implementation of Polyvagal Theory. If you would like to find out more about Polyvagal Theory and its particular effectiveness in the treatment of trauma, please get in touch.